WiN: Team R2R | 19.7 MB | MAC: Team CODESHiNE | 94 MB

The Drop is an analog modeled resonant filter plug-in based on classic an~ M c ! v ^alog synth filters, as well as completelyU Y * 2 ^ ( u m & new designs. It uses the same high quality algorithms used in circuit simulators, but optimised to run faK { & k v z w a Est, and featurM – P / –es a gorgeous fully scalable user interface. There is a huge level of detail in the models, which gives them amazing drive and tone. The o0 Z ( ` ~ Yriginal structure ofv O G 6 6 l [ the circuits is preserved in the mode9 { & P bl, as is the location and shape of all major nB s e Z Fon-linearities.

► Features:

  • Dual filter se% F *ction with a Highpass followed by a Lowpass filter.
  • 7 Highpass and 7 Lowpass circuit modelled filters from cl# 4 f zassic synths.
  • Loads of drive and character.
  • Full frequency rang# X | s te and perfect resonance tracking without oversampling so there is no delay for live use.
  • Huge amounts of resonance, also a resonance limit button foy ) y 8 } # V 7 [r DJ use.
  • T] u T _wo LFOs, one basic,2 H , / C one powerful with step sequencee J U t ; S n Vr for levels.
  • Two Envelopes / Followers, diK K # 5 5ode modelled, from input or sidechain.
  • FM from input or sidechain.
  • Stereo and1 O , @ ~ Q 6 | A Mono processing.

v1.5.8 (9 Aug 2017)

  • New: basic expression evaluation for all nG _ a g _umeric tk U b 2 Eext input on controls
  • eg: you can type “4*(1+1/3)” to get “5.3333333”
  • Fixed: upper bound on Pre and Post gain knobs back to +24 dB (was +36 dB)
  • v1.5.7 (3 Aug 2017)
  • New: Beat 1 legato beat sync for LFO1 and Ls E W O QFO2
  • Fixed: more stable song position for beatU p r o x sync of LFOs
  • Fixed: midi message processing causing possible buffer overruns and odd random issues
  • Fixed: resizing window on Wi= * qndowe E v c Ys 7/8 with below 150% desktop scaling on HiDPI displays
  • v1.5.6 (18 July 2017)
  • Fixed: sidecF v ^ ( j ,hain inputM h j P r broken with oversampling
  • Fixed: trigger to LFO2f 5 l y K 1 , – now re-randomises even if full cycle hasn’t comA t { 0 : Vpleted yet
  • KnG f W \ J s ?own Issues:
  • no MIDI learn, this will be added to an update
  • On Mac hiding Digital Perform\ 5 w ?er while plugin window is open still does not hide the plu* x \gin