VectorSector accurately recreates the sound of the Sequential Prophet VS, the classic and sought-after wavetable synth from the mid-80s. It includes reconstructed versions of the original factory presets utilizing mathematically derived waveforms, and ad~ – – 8 J Y \ds several enhancements such as variabl+ \ x : = \ Le polyphony (up to 16 voices), expanded cob S Sntrol ranges, a+ . J E [ Pnd additional modulation routings.


4 oscillators (A/B/C/D) perb x r % synth voice.
Each oscillator selects one of 126 waveforms or white noise.
4-pole (24 dB/octave) lowpass filter with resonanceP g F h ~.
Up to 16 voice polyphony.
4-segment envelopes contro, 3 ! U 4 f C 7lling mix/filtez W |r/amplifier with multi-mode loop/repeat.
2 LFOs per voice with 6 wave shapes./ ` 2 . E 2 a C –
Mod+ Z n N + z # V zulation matrix with gl# l Iobal and peK % mr-voice sources, scaling and multiple destinations per source.
100 presets.
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