• Exacting rotary speaker emulation with modern controls
  • Independent mic placement fQ c Z 9or sophisticated tone shaping
  • A multitude of uses: keyboard, guitar, vocals, and more…

Originally inventede D I s T : i in the 1940’s2 z a [ , y | z, rotary speaker cabinets imag| d _ x rinatively emplo. r dyo \ x V { a i 9 the Doppler effect by firing a woofer into a rotating drum an$ R s l \ ( ) ed a tweeter into a rotating horn. The results are much more haJ @ , , k `rmonic than typical tremolo or vibrato effects, producing sounds ranging from rich and shimmering to gentle, d[ 9 / { 1reamy and swirling. These novel speakers were quicD f . bkly adopted by jazz organists, cemented[ ] – Y T @ ` t by blues and rock le\ s ;gends such as Buddy Guy, Jimi Hendrix, Robin Trower, Pink Floyd and The Beatles, and later the effec` @ Kt simulated by guitar pedal manufacturers.

Taking its name and inspiration from these classic spinning sE 6 ; G B t 9 zpeakers, RQ I b 0 [ ^ L l )otary represq \ & ( @ Oents t/ x # | m W H 9he moderni { ` Z _ Z , g f evolution of this classic design, delivering both a faithful reproduction of the original cabinets and prox M i F b c +viding a highly versatile and customizable musical tool for today’s artists and audio professionals. A simple and intuitive interface provides~ G m X @ ) ` d / for a workflow that’s both fast and inspiring, while precise stereo mic placement and deep bax ) b K p Zck panel controls allow for a huge range of tonal possibilities. Rotary can add another dimension to any sounds or i/ f 7 $nstruments (even vocals), enhancQ 6 ? b v / @ h ve haZ D n j 9rmonk L h ! T *ics and create a sensatis : b j x h X lon of movement and depth.

Interactive Mic Placeo w ) a = d 6 Dment

Rotary allows for near-effortless placement and fine-tuning of microphone position via simple click-drag and macro controls. Asymmetry, automation, stereot O N S ? field tweaks and easy A/B auditioning are all possible, allowing you to easily dial in the tone0 K x J you’re after without the hassle az b $ K 6 H D (nd space requirements ofT g – ! o q q G a physical speaker and mics.

Independent Ho~ 9 + ) 0 # | [rn and Drum Controls

Independent and deep contr9 0 K – 3ol over the horn and drum sections of the rotary cabinet provide an incredible sonic palette. You can/ T V $ ] f v i X view more on set the6 x W ) z Z [ ; ~iT W D & q M v )r level on the front panel orB N * # d ju) ) y 2 _ U Bmp over to thp S H y h Re back panel to reconfigure Ro} H d a ttary’s inner-mechanism for subtle to extreme results.

Mix and Sculpt Your Sound

Easily mix and shape your sound with discrete fiy o R _ l \lters for thm & A A q y O le horn and drum. Adjust horn radius,W ! c w R D = b cabinet siz2 c 8 @e an& f D | U K {d reflections until it bleG J 8 K f 6nds in or stands out of your my e v l ~ 6 aix just the way you want. Change the horns direcc u g 4 ! 4tivity for an in-your-face rock so. X l l { Iund or leave the def6 B 0 L H x y Cault engaged for lush chorusing.

Acceleration and DecelJ , z U g 2 \eration

Adjust the acceleration and deceleration times of the horD ` K 5 j M ln and drum independently, a challenging feat on the real speakers, allowing the creation of hybrid modes capable of prod\ 9 G J r \ u fucing far-out Doppler shifts that would otherwise be unimaginable.

Team R2R Note:(v1.0.1)

* No iLok Driver is required to run.
* Our release loads faster an, Z , K o =d uses less memory than original.