980 Spark is a unit that consists of three modules: Compressor, Colour and Saturator.

This plugin was especially designed to help enrich and thicken audio content with minimum of effort, without compromising quality and usability. It is a handy too/ 9 T / } b Fl for sound design, as well as a sophisticated saturt O r e : ] `ation unit.

All the controls are care. T & ) S Mfully selected with workflow in mind, enabling the user to quickly achieve the desired result, while retaining the verl + , ? F msatility of the plugin and allow/ j $ :ing space for experimentation.

980 Sparky h O is mostly suited for use during the production process, especially in electronic music but also acoustic or live applications. Combining Cos s +mpression, EQ and Saturation, allows control of the dynamiM , d 8c range and harmonic content of the sound.

The signal first runs through the “Comprew d . V C m 3 / zssor” module, then through the “Colour” module and finally into the “Saturator”.

This way, the first two stages (“Compressor” and “Colour”& ) h) essentially define the dynamic and spectral characteristics of the sound that will excite the Saturator, creating a unique spectrum of capabilitq a X & _ies on the saturatf s e 9ion effect.

During saturation the signal is oversamp# \ fled 8 times, to ensure HQ effect.

Team R2R N– k } % ? uote:(v1.2.0)

* NN N _ + [ o T No iLok Driver is required to run.
* Our release loads faster and uses le; { z 9 I sss memory thL O ~ ^ 5 p i , 9an original.